Alive and Well

A Film about Living with Genetic Disease

In Jacksonville
Sun-Ray Cinema


Thu, January 16, 2014
AT 6:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: keldred Since 11/13/2013

Where: Sun-Ray Cinema
1028 Park St.
Jacksonville, FL
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Legacy Comments

  • keldredSince 11/13/2013

    3 years agoReservation quota was met! Thank you, everybody!!!

  • keldredSince 11/13/2013

    4 years agoMore than half way there! Thank you to those who've made their reservations already!!!

  • keldredSince 11/13/2013

    4 years agoSun-Ray Cinema is in 5 Points (where Club 5 was; before that, it was the 5 Points Theater)

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