Girl Rising

In Portland
Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10


Wed, May 01, 2013
AT 5:00 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: RaimeMerriman Since 02/16/2013

Where: Fox Tower Stadium 10
846 S.W. Park Ave
Portland, OR
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Screening ID: 2813


Legacy Comments

  • mvaneatonSince 04/22/2013

    6 years agoI entered my information along with credit card number and registered. Now I can't find any evidence that I've done this. How do I verify?

  • JenniferFrySince 04/06/2013

    6 years agoI would love to attend this but it is a bit too early in the evening for me! Could it be organized for a weekend or after 7 pm on a weeknight?

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