Seed: The Untold Story

In West Palm Beach
Regal Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 & RPX


Wed, January 11, 2017
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: Susan_Lerner Since 12/07/2016

Where: Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 & RPX
1003 North State Road 7
West Palm Beach, FL
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Screening ID: 18977


Legacy Comments

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoWe have a new screening room and more tickets available! Tell your friends - only a few hours remaining to purchase your tickets!

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoDecember 30 - Twenty-five seats remaining in our 131 seat theater! WOW!!
    Please keep sharing - let's fill all the seats! Share the link with your friends!

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoOur screening room holds 125 people! Let's fill it!
    Please share this link with your friends!

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoNow we are filling seats in a larger screening room! Let's do it!!

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoThat's it!!! Game on!
    We've gone passed 60 reservations, and the movie WILL BE SHOWN ON JANUARY 11th
    Keep those reservations piling on! We'll see you at the movies!!

  • Susan_LernerSince 12/07/2016

    2 years agoThe Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society is proud to host this important film! We need 60 tickets sold by Christmas for the screening to take place. We need your help! Buy a ticket for yourself, and give a couple as gifts!

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