Your Body, The Movement, Global Change

In Colorado Springs
Regal Interquest Stadium 14 & RPX


Wed, November 16, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: Marah Since 09/06/2016

Where: Interquest Stadium 14 & RPX
11250 Rampart Hill View
Colorado Springs, CO
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Screening ID: 17681


Legacy Comments

  • MarahSince 09/06/2016

    1 year agoHi guys, just in case you're wondering (pending approval) means the movie is pretty much a go, Gathr is just making the arrangements with our local theater.
    I'm beyond excited that we get to bring this film to our city, THANK YOU for your support ♡

  • MarahSince 09/06/2016

    2 years agoFor those of you who know me, I have been on a self love and embrace journey for a long time. THIS FILM, embodies a lot of the elements that I personally believe and teach to those walking the same path.
    Come join me for an intimate evening of embracing and loving who we really are!

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