Generation Found

In Philadelphia
Irvine Auditorium


Sat, August 20, 2016
AT 4:00 pm

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About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: YPR-Philly Since 07/13/2016

Where: Irvine Auditorium
3401 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA
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Special guests: PA Rep Taylor, Greg Williams, and Senator Browne

Hosted by YPR Philadelphia, Collegiate Recovery at Penn, Rights for Recovery, Bridge Way School and Facing Addiction


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Screening ID: 16347


Legacy Comments

  • KathySpanichSince 08/19/2016

    1 year ago u kid?Can u help my dying bf at 9th and Bennett in Wilm De. I-see Troy Dales video on FB-see heros they r clean-humility?The core of recovery.There r millions of us. no place to go that can handle extent of her addiction,30 days?.she can hardly speak and walk... and you are selling movies???????

  • KathySpanichSince 08/19/2016

    1 year agoK

  • JesseDarianoSince 08/14/2016

    1 year agoGreat movie for an amazing movement!

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