From Cover-Up To Catastrophe

In Grand Junction
Regal Canyon View Stadium 14


Mon, August 08, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

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About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: Sdindinger Since 07/01/2016

Where: Canyon View Stadium 14
648 Market Street
Grand Junction, CO
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Screening ID: 16113


Legacy Comments

  • SanabledcSince 07/02/2016

    2 years agoRun time is 1hr 30min. There will be a short bonus film at the end of the most common questions from Q&A's around the country. Figure on a 2 hr event.

  • sunnydiSince 07/06/2016

    2 years agoCan anyone tell me about how long this movie lasts? Thank you!

  • SanabledcSince 07/02/2016

    2 years agoCan the team captain contact me at my office? 970-243-4843. Thanks

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