Your Body, The Movement, Global Change

In Phoenix
Desert Ridge 18


Tue, September 20, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: Kmcgarry Since 06/27/2016

Where: Desert Ridge 18
21001 N Tatum
Phoenix, AZ
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Legacy Comments

  • KmcgarrySince 06/27/2016

    1 year agoJoin the FB page, "Embrace Phoenix" for updates on all screenings and to be part of the local grassroots movement on positive body image!

  • KmcgarrySince 06/27/2016

    1 year agoWe are sooo close! I want to add that we will have a FREE raffle for all those who attend. We have many great donations such as spiritual CD's, a yoga gift certificate, and free health coaching!

    Also, we will be hosting a Q and A discussion panel immediately following the film, from 9 to 9:30!

  • KmcgarrySince 06/27/2016

    1 year agoQuestions about this event? Email me at healthcoachkellie@gmail.com

  • KmcgarrySince 06/27/2016

    1 year agoI am super excited to host this screening! Sign up now so that we can reach our tipping point and secure the event! Invite friends too!

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