Your Body, The Movement, Global Change

In San Francisco
AMC Van Ness 14


Tue, November 15, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

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About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: Juliesantiago Since 06/10/2016

Where: Van Ness 14
1000 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA
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This screening is hosted by Julie Santiago & Sarah Jenks!  Please gather your friends, mothers, sisters and daughters and join us as we fully EMBRACE our bodies and ourselves.

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Legacy Comments

  • PaciaSince 11/23/2015

    2 years agoThanks Julie!

  • sjahnSince 08/03/2016

    2 years agoThank you, Julie! :)

  • JulieSantiag...Since 10/14/2016

    2 years agoHi ladies --- please invite any men who would like to be here! Originally, we were going to make this a women's only screening, however it's SO clear that this movement is about ALL of us and that we need our men to understand, support, and be by our side during this movement. XO, Julie Santiago

  • sjahnSince 08/03/2016

    2 years agoWomen only? Why? :( I invited my husband to this! Very unhappy if this is restricted to just women. All genders should be welcome. The filmmaker herself urges everyone to attend! -Sarah Jahn in San Francisco

  • PaciaSince 11/23/2015

    2 years agoHi - Is this really a women's only screening? I'll have to uninvite a dear friend if so.

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