A Documentary About the Important Things

In Arroyo Grande
Arroyo Grande Stadium 10


Wed, June 01, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: elleebelle29 Since 02/16/2016

Where: Arroyo Grande Stadium 10
1160 W Branch Street
Arroyo Grande, CA
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Legacy Comments

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agoim trying to change my photo and going to aint working for me to edit.. why not?

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year ago76 people now!! woohooo. can we purchase tickets at the box office, movie captain?

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agomovie captain!! some of us would like to initiate a group conversation about the subject. I have been trying to contact you but nada results/ Will you be there? Can we just hop on the stage and begin? any protocol with gathr? anyone I can talk to? AG#10? contact?

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year ago use this to invite people as well, your fb friends!!

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agoboy Ive sent it out to 3,000 folks and received 1 person to buy a ticket.. wooohooo he chants sarcastically and rudely.. thats the challenge of showing a film to people already interested in being minimalist or perhaps they are just simply poor...

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agohow do we contact the movie captain?

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agoTo purchase your ticket:
    7:30pm. Wed., June 1 in AG ($11)..... they have enough people who paid in advance to make this happen. very cool.Trailer: (copy and paste this into your facebook page...)

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agohow can I contact ellebelle29 ? do i really have to join pink cupid?

  • bbannerSince 02/12/2013

    1 year agoyea good for you..... I will promote as much as I can.. next time lets do it differently and make money (for your continual causes) rather than do so much work and all the monies go to the theatre!!! are you familiar with Awaken SLO with 1,000+ fbk friends who are millenials? check them out.

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