Can You Dig This

In Berkeley
California Theatre


Thu, March 24, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: WeBeeGardners Since 12/15/2015

Where: California Theatre
2113 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA
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Legacy Comments

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoTwo more days to buy your tickets! See this incredible film and support Ashby Garden. 10% of ticket sales go to the Ashby Community Garden, so you get to see a wonderful film and support a local community treasure at the same time!

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoThank you to all who have supported this screening and tipped the ticket sales for our green light! We look forward to seeing you at the theater. Please pass the word on so others can be inspired to transform our Bay Area landscapes and learn to grow our own food and keep our bodies and soil healthy

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoMore than 2/3 of the way! Get inspired to plant your own food.

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoThis important documentary follows the inspirational journeys of 4 unlikely urban gardeners, discovering what happens when they put their hands in the soil. Local non-profit, We Bee Gardeners is hosting this screening and will explore how to grow more food and beautify our local urban areas.

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoAlmost halfway there! Can we do this with less than 2 weeks? Yes!

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoPlease reserve today! We need to tip this soon!

  • WeBeeGardner...Since 12/15/2015

    1 year agoWe must sell at least 54 tickets before March 14th to make this screening happen! That is the only way. Please spread the word far and wide. Let's fill the house!

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