A Documentary About the Important Things

In Somerville
at the Somerville Theatre


Tue, May 03, 2016
AT 7:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



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Where: Somerville Theatre (TBD)
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA
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Screening ID: 13953


Legacy Comments

  • mmarchesiSince 04/03/2016

    2 years agoI have 2 tickets available for tonight's screening. I'm willing to sell the pair for $10 total. Please email for details.

  • gathrerSince 01/28/2016

    2 years agoFound a ticket now. Thank you!

  • gathrerSince 01/28/2016

    2 years agoStill looking for an extra ticket if anyone has one.

  • mararieSince 02/05/2016

    2 years agoI sold the tickets!

  • mararieSince 02/05/2016

    2 years agoI have 2 tickets available and would like to sell them together. please email me at: mkuijjer at gmail dot com

  • gathrerSince 01/28/2016

    2 years agoLooking for an extra ticket if anyone has one.

  • KevinWilliam...Since 04/30/2016

    2 years agoI am interested in purchasing one additional ticket for this screening. I purchased eight (8) early on for members of a non-profit that I run, and a member has just indicated that he wants to attend. If a current ticketholder has had a change of heart about going, please contact

  • PatMartinEva...Since 01/27/2016

    2 years agoTickets are gone.

  • PatMartinEva...Since 01/27/2016

    2 years agoI have two tickets to the Boston screening. $10 each. Contact if interested.

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