Tim Timmerman: Hope of America

2017 | 01:34 | PG-13

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Mount Vista High's student-body president Tim Timmerman (Eddie Perino) — class of 1994 — has aspirations of attending Yale and becoming a famous politician. Although derided and snubbed by the cool kids in school, Tim manages to beat head cheerleader Mackenzie Miller in the election by assembling a wildly diverse coalition of disenfranchised groups such as the cowboys, the goths, and the nerds. Once elected as president, however, Tim has zero interest in doing any actual work: He simply coasts, believing that his office will open the door to Yale and a future political career.

When Tim’s laziness and missteps undermine his dreams for the future, he realizes that Sydney (Chelsea Maidhof), a girl from a rival high school, might actually provide the quickest pathway to Washington. The attraction for scheming Tim is not Sydney’s beauty and intelligence — at least not initially — but her father’s potentially helpful connections as a U.S. senator. Nothing can stop Tim from reaching the top … except himself.

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