Tell My Story

2020 | 01:26 | NR

Help Prevent Teen Suicide and Raise Funds for your Organization:

A grieving father seeks answers after his 14-year-old son Ryan dies by suicide. He uncovers painful truths about the lives of teens, the impact of unfettered access to internet and social media, and the shocking rise of depression among America’s youth.

The journey brings him together with young suicide survivors, prevention experts, and parents trying to understand the 70% increase in adolescent suicide. Closer to home, with his family fractured, he examines his son’s technology use to discover what no parent wants to find.

Seeking to find the warning signs that were missed, he instead finds ways to reverse the isolation and disconnectedness that is killing our youth.

The documentary also features staff members from Didi Hirsch Mental Health Service (a Lifeline crisis center partner, Dr. Mark Goulston M.D., Collin Kartchner (#SaveTheKids), Peter Mayfield (Gateway Mountain Center), Ed & Bobbi Villareal (Project 99), and Mariangela Abeo (Faces of Fortitude).

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