The Love Story of Leonard Knight

2017 | 01:15 | NR

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TRUE STORY: Leonard Knight, desert hermit and creator of Salvation Mountain, has been given a cameo in the breakout indie film, “Into The Wild.” Soon after, San Diego Filmmaker, Patrick Rea begins chronicling the meteoric fame of what some are calling "The Christian Yoda" as people from all over the world begin traveling to a destitute corner of California desert to hear Leonard’s “Love Story...”

Leonard expresses his child-like faith with uncommon joy and enthusiasm from the most God-forsaken place imaginable. The result is the proud leave broken, and the broken leave with hope, and by 2009, Leonard is receiving thousands of visitors a week, and daily News Crews from as far away as Mongolia.

Then, in 2011, already blind, deaf, and overwhelmed by the crowds, Leonardʼs Gospel message comes under attack, just as he is slipping into the abyss of dementia...

"Captivating... a radical encounter... a must see."

“I don’t know if I have seen a documentary that has impacted me so much... The movie is spectacular!”
- Lori Marret, Gideon Film Festival

"Mind blowing and amazing!"

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