The Best Of Keane, Live From Berlin

2014 | 01:30 | NR

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Over the past ten years Keane have become one of the World’s most successful and admired British bands. They have sold over 11 million albums worldwide and had many hits including ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, ‘Everybody’s Changing’, ‘Is It Any Wonder?’, ‘Crystal Ball’, ‘Silenced By The Night’ and ‘Spiralling’. They have performed 700 shows in over 40 countries. In South Korea they're known as The Autumn Band with all the wistful melancholy, melodic richness and emotional metamorphosis that implies. Their fans unfurl 'Welcome' flags in trees outside their hotels, tattoo their art-work and lyrics on their bodies, hold birthday parties in their honour, in Brazil (when they're not even in Brazil) and send lengthy letters saying their music has “saved my life”. Keane are a universal soul band.

Throughout their career, Keane have continually embraced technology becoming the first band to release a single on USB stick and the first to stream a live performance in 3D. They have always been passionate about giving fans a unique live experience and this show brings the two together in a city that has been such an inspiration to them over the last ten years.

‘The Best Of Keane, Live From Berlin’ is brought to you by MusicScreen, produced exclusively for cinema. MusicScreen brings all the excitement and atmosphere of a live music event to cinema screens around the world. Made possible by the joint skills of cinema and audio professionals, MusicScreen invites you to join with the live audience in Berlin at the iconic Goya when Keane 'bring down the house' with a special performance for their millions of devoted fans around the World. You really will feel like you are there.

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