Girl Rising

In Pittsburgh
Southside Works Cinema


Wed, December 11, 2013
AT 07:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



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MOVIE CAPTAIN: bbugarija Since 10/23/2013

Where: Southside Works Cinema
425 Cinema Dr
Pittsburgh, PA
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  • eledonneSince 10/02/2013

    1 year agoPlease join us for COFFEE AND CONVERSATION, which will be held prior to the screening at 6:30pm at the theater. The Rukmini Foundation, an organization that fosters the empowerment of girls through education, will be joining us to discuss what is being done to address this issue.

  • bbugarijaSince 10/23/2013

    1 year agohey eledonne, thanks so much for your help and support! look forward to meeting you and your people at the screening. thanks for the facebook link too. bergita

  • eledonneSince 10/02/2013

    1 year agoHere is the Event page if you'd like to promote it via Facebook:

  • eledonneSince 10/02/2013

    1 year agoI requested a Girl Rising screening recently as well. Unfortunately, the screening location is over 70 miles north :( Since you've already got one in the works, I'm going to promote this screening! I have at least 10 very interested heads on board. Looking forward to making this happen.

  • bbugarijaSince 10/23/2013

    1 year agothanks peeps (whoever you are :)) for a great start! noodling with perheps getting some food in before the show or even organizing a discussion group for those interested. would love to hear comments and ideas. thanks again!

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