Girl Rising

In Wakefield
South Kingstown


Thu, June 27, 2013
AT 07:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: cheart-skaggs Since 05/29/2013

Where: South Kingstown
30 Village Square Dr
Wakefield, RI
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  • krajcoopSince 04/04/2013

    1 year agoLooking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. Don't forget to print your tickets and bring them with you!

  • cheart-skagg...Since 05/29/2013

    1 year agoWe will be having a drawing for an Alex and Ani "Because I Am A Girl" bangle at the movie! If you cannot make the movie, you can purchase a bangle in their stores or online at: Go to the Charity-by-design/because-i-am-a-girl.

  • krajcoopSince 04/04/2013

    1 year agoCongratualtions Christine for making this possible & thank you to our frineds at Alex & Ani for promoting this screening as a partner. Be sure to purchase your Because I am a Girl charm bangle at Go to the Charity by Design tab and select the bangle from their collection.

  • cheart-skagg...Since 05/29/2013

    1 year agoThank you ladies for your help and encouragement! This movie has inspired me to rise above my own recent issues. I cannot get across how empowered people will feel after watching it.

  • MagdalenaSince 06/10/2013

    1 year agoHello Christine!
    This is Magdalena Sabatino. My husband and I organized the previous screening of Girl Rising in May :) It is so wonderful you are hosting another one! We will spread the word for you! Best and good luck!

  • krajcoopSince 04/04/2013

    1 year agoThank you Christine! I hope those who haven't seen it yet come out to see it. As one of the partners on the film, your support means so much to the girls who benefit from our Because I am a Girl programs. Looking forward to sharing a great evening with you!! ~ Karen Cooper, Plan International USA

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