Girl Rising

In Cedarburg
at the Rivoli Theatre


Thu, March 21, 2013
AT 04:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



About this screening

MOVIE CAPTAIN: nlundman Since 01/24/2013

Where: Rivoli Theatre (Screen 1)
W62 N567 Washington Ave
Cedarburg, WI
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  • nlundmanSince 01/24/2013

    2 years agoOops! Correction - just COPY & PASTE the survey link into your web browser. :-)

  • nlundmanSince 01/24/2013

    2 years agoLet us know if you are or are not interested attending a post-film discussion. This will help us plan accordingly. Just click the survey link below. Thank you!

  • nlundmanSince 01/24/2013

    2 years agoConsider: Make it a special night, buy 2 tickets, one for you and one for a friend, then enjoy a lively discussion over dinner. :-)

  • nlundmanSince 01/24/2013

    2 years agoBe sure to sign up on or before the 14th of March if we haven't reached 60 yet! That is the cut off date for 'tipping' the film to come to Cedarburg!

  • nlundmanSince 01/24/2013

    2 years agoThis campaign is bringing together people all over the world to focus on one 'simple' action: educate girls, change the world. How exciting is it to bring this global effort to our corner of Northern Ozaukee? Join me in bringing this film to our community!

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