Girl Rising

In Bellevue
Crossroads Stadium 8


Thu, March 14, 2013
AT 07:30 pm

This screening has already happened!



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MOVIE CAPTAIN: kcleland Since 01/27/2013

Where: Crossroads Stadium 8
1200 156th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA
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  • kclelandSince 01/27/2013

    2 years agoAnd here's another showing at Crossroads in Bellevue later this month:

  • kclelandSince 01/27/2013

    2 years ago Don't despair that we sold out, join us at the second showing, April 7th at 5pm at Thornton place theater near Northgate Mall in Seattle... bring your friends, and rejoice that so many people will get to see this amazing movie. Here's the link to buy tickets!

  • kclelandSince 01/27/2013

    2 years agoBenefit for LifeWire Domestic Violence Shelters in the Kirkland/Bellevue/Redmond. ( Suggested Donations: Toilet Paper,Pillow Cases,Cleaning Products,Kitchen Utensils,DetergentSilverware,Paper Towels,Shampoo & ConditionerDiapers & Baby Soap, Large Trash Bags,Hand Sanitizer,Glasses

  • kclelandSince 01/27/2013

    2 years agoMore about Zonta East King County- committed to improving the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy:

  • kclelandSince 01/27/2013

    2 years agoZonta Club of East King County is proud to sponsor this Screening. We are asking all attendees to bring a donation for LifeWire Domestic Violence Shelters to the screening. Find out more details at, and tell a friend!

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